Monday, March 2, 2009


1. Why Geo contact lenses?
With more than 800,000 girls in Korea using Geo big eye colour contact lens, it is not doubt this consolidates its position as the big eye colour contact lens brand and range that gives maximum beauty. It also looks natural on the eyes.

2. Is GEO lens reliable?
Yes it is! It has been the leading brand of contact lens in Korea. It is growing as a leading venture enterprise specialized in bio-engineering research and manufacturing of contact lenses. It has been recognized by several international certificates. And now it is selling hot in Korea!

3. How to place order?
Click here

4. How long the life span of contact lenses?
The longest will be 1 year, depends on how individual take care of it.

5. When is the expiry date of the contact lenses?
Please refer to the product’s label as the expiry date is printed there.

6. How to get know of my prescription?
Have an eye-care specialist to advice you on your contact lenses prescription. You can choose -0.00 for your prescription if the result shows that u have perfect eyesight.

7. Is my prescription still valid?
Most prescriptions are valid between one and two years. If your prescription is expiring or has already expired, you may need to get advice from eye-care specialist.

8. Do I need to buy two pairs if my eyes have different power range?
No, you don't. You can choose each of your eyes power range by buying only one pair.

9. What is the Payment Method?
We accept the payments through Maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam, PAYPAL for more about the payment information, kindly refer to here

10. How long will it takes for the contact lenses to reach me?
It takes approximately 3 weeks to reach after the Pre-order closing date.

11. Do you offer wholesales?
Yes, we do. Please ask me for price lists.

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