Monday, March 2, 2009

GEO lens infos

How much GEO help you save?

+Buying lens from the shop will cost you a lot

+At ordinary optical shop,the min price is

RM20 per pair for clear lens
RM 30per box for 1-months daily lens
RM5o for colour lens for 3-months

+But with GEO lens,u save 70% per year
RM30 for clear lens-1 year disposable
RM 35 > for colour lens
RM 150 for astigmatism

Why GEO?

+The correcting effect is the same by GEO lens

+However,different people may have different
result.Choose your lens accordingly.If the lens is
not suit to your eyes,you may have to consider
buying other brands.So far so good to me.(^_^)

+The design is made suitable for
Oriental eyes

+Lens with large effect is obviously better than
ordinary brands colour lens.
(Seriously,bigger than acuvue,freshlook!)

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